A Silly Poem for Kids

This morning, I was getting ready to submit a story to the Highlights contest, when I came across a collection of poems I started and abandoned. It is called “Main Street.” It integrates with primary social studies, featuring verses about jobs in a small town, but it’s mostly silly. Here’s a sample:

Doctor Row

Doctor Row, my dentist
Doesn’t have one hair.

When I go to see him
My mom says not to stare.

It is so hard not to
When I am in that chair.

Doctor Row is careful
He’s never in a rush.

He checks. He picks. He cleans.
He says “Don’t forget to brush!”

I always brush my teeth.
I also brush my hair.

Maybe once Doc Row forgot
and that is why he’s bare.


2 thoughts on “A Silly Poem for Kids

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