Beans: A Warm Up Poem

Like thousands of other writers, I will be participating in National Novel Writing Month.

To warm up each morning, or at least until I run out of steam, I will write an original poem on this blog.

I’ll start early with this one. It is about cooking dried beans. If you need an idea today, try writing about something you have cooked, about an evocative scent, or about time.


Last night,
after buying a bag
of dried
navy beans
in the most
crowded aisle
of the grocery store,
I measured
two cups of
the small white
seeds into a bowl
I bought too long
ago to remember
and covered them
with water.
All night,
while autumn
breezes rustled
brittle cottonwood
leaves outside
our closed windows,
they plumped up
until, as the sun
rose, I rinsed
and poured them
into the crockery
cooker, where
now they simmer,
filling the house
with the perfume
of Italian spices
and time.

copyright Linda J. Armstrong 10/22/2012 All rights reserved