#AprilPrompts – Day 4 – Sin – #Haiku – #NaPoWriMo | Donna L Sadd

Okay, with this one, I am caught up for Day 4. Whew! Donna L. Sadd asks us to write a poem about sin. Wow, that lady can come up with them, can’t she? If you want to read the contributions of her community and/or write one of your own, here’s the link:

#AprilPrompts – Day 4 – Sin – #Haiku – #NaPoWriMo | Donna L Sadd.

Here’s mine:


It was original,

there right from

the start, embedded

in clay scooped

from the creekbed

in Eden’s garden,

that inability

to resist the temptation

to defy authority,

do the denied, and

then lie, covering

everything up with

strategic leaves,

making alternative

arrangements as

the Creator laughed

softly behind His

hand, pretending

to be angry, sending

his charges out

into the rest

of the world to be

the restless souls

He had always



2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 16 | Last Line First Poem | WritersDigest.com

My warm up poem ideas for November are all from Robert Brewer’s blog Poetic Asides. Each prompt this month was contributed by a different poet. This one is from Joseph Wells. He suggests that we take the last line of yesterday’s poem and use it for the first line of today’s.

If you did not write a poem yesterday, I guess you can use an old one. Nobody will care.

My poem yesterday was a riff on the saying about the rich man, heaven, and the eye of a needle. I heard somewhere that The Eye of the Needle was actually a city gate, so that’s what my poem was about. The last line was “of a needle”. What do you do with that? Actually, I had fun.

Read the poems of others in the group and add one of your own. You can join the challenge any time.

2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 16 | Last Line First Poem | WritersDigest.com.

Of the Needle


Of the needle

I need to say

little, as it so

readily makes

its own point,

leading the way

among crisscrossed

threads, pulling

a joiner behind,

teasing notes

out of grooves

in vinyl or just

teasing someone

who may or may

not be a friend,

towering in


stone in a canyon

or in steel

among city


of the needle

I need to say little

as it so readily

makes its own point.

Linda Armstrong, November 16, 2012.  All rights reserved.