Write a “Plus” Poem

Here’s a poem for the fifth day of the 2013 Poem a Day Challenge on Rober Brewer’s blog. My contribution is below the link.

2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 5 | Write a Poem a Day Until May | WritersDigest.com.


They all add up,

in the end,

remnants of

all the different

people we have

been, the toddling

baby, tasting

everything that falls

in reach, the school

child hearing

the music of varied

voices, the teen

watching for every

slight, the young

adult feeling the frustrations

of a striving world,

the parent, overwhelmed

by the surprising perfume

of a child’s sun-dusted arm,

the aging friend, walking

by a river in the afternoon,

a sum from similar

numbers, so like, yet

unlike any other,

when added up.

Write a Poem Inspired by the Word “Tentative”

I am playing catch-up today. I did not write yesterday. We were out enjoying spring weather, cherry blossoms, and herons. Yesterday’s prompt on Robert Brewer’s blog was to write a Tentative poem. Click on the link to read more and to post your own. It’s never too late (or you can go straight to today’s prompt.)

2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 3 | Write a Poem a Day Until May | WritersDigest.com.


It’s the first film

our fathers took,

fiddling with the

unfamiliar controls

of the camera,


with unaccustomed

excitement, knowing

there would

only be one chance,

without clumsy

reenactment, to catch

the mythic occasion,

as we, clinging

for dear life, to our

mother’s forefingers,

stretch our unsteady

legs and, tentative,

let go.