Write a Poem to Someone You Love

I have to get to work on an assignment this morning, so I will not be writing a new poem, but someone looked at this poster today and it reminded me of an older one. If you need a prompt today, write a poem to someone you love including details about little things they add to your life. You can even make a poster like this one out of it on Zazzle and order it for Valentine’s day! The photograph is mine. If you want, you can use the customize tab to substitute your own. I have other posters on the site with the same poem and other photos. Feel free to modify them to make your own great gift, or just something for your wall.


Create Poetry Postcards or Greeting Cards Like These

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Use Zazzle to create original poetry trading cards or photo cards for your next poetry reading or for your writing club. Here are mine. You can change the pictures and poems to make them your own, or just use them for samples and create your own from scratch.

Zazzle does great work! I’d love to see a group of poets based there.

Broadsides: Home: Zazzle.com Store.