Under Golden Cottonwoods

I’m late posting my daily poem today because we spent the morning enjoying the fall colors here in western Colorado’s Grand Valley. If you would like to borrow related ideas, try writing about:

  • a memorable walk
  • autumn
  • trees or a tree
  • a river
  • a long-term relationship


Under Golden Cottonwoods

sunlight filters

through golden leaves

as we walk

together in a protected

open space

by a river that flows

with few interruptions

from melted

early snows on peaks

just out of sight

here in the first

of many arid valleys

it encounters

on its way to the Gulf.

We talk

as we walk, pausing

now and then

to take pictures

away, from this stream

of moments,

crisp and golden

as the leaf-meal


copyright Linda J. Armstrong, 10/23/12 all rights reserved